Members of the British Council for Countering Antisemitism (BCCA) have entered into an information sharing protocol.

The information sharing protocol allows BCCA members from across the UK to work together on cases and help each other to secure justice for the victims of antisemitism. We have been doing this informally for some time, and now we have a formal structure for doing so. We established the BCCA in order to foster exactly this kind of cooperation, so that in response to mounting antisemitism we stand strong and united, addressing the problem as one community.

All members of the BCCA have adopted the protocol, apart from the Jewish Police Association because it is governed by police information sharing agreements.

We hope that other charities concerned with fighting antisemitism will accept our invitation to join BCCA so that we may work together with them too.

This statement was unanimously approved.

In response to mounting antisemitism, organisations responsible for fighting antisemitism in the United Kingdom have come together to establish the British Council for Countering Antisemitism (BCCA). The BCCA aims to foster cooperation between its founding members, enabling them to speak with a single voice on important matters and providing a forum through which to devise and deliver new strategies and frameworks for countering antisemitism in the United Kingdom.

The BCCA’s founding members are Campaign Against Antisemitism, the Jewish Police Association, the Kehilah Security and Protection Association (KASPA), Shomrim North West London, Shomrim Salford and Stamford Hill Shomrim.

This statement was unanimously approved.